Free Kindle Books PG Files 1101 - 1200

1138 Wells, H. G. (Herbert George): The Research Magnificent

1139 Van Dyke, Henry: Fisherman's Luck and Some Other Uncertain Things

1140 Carlyle, Thomas: Latter-Day Pamphlets

1141 Wilde, Oscar: Selected Poems of Oscar Wilde

1142 Conrad, Joseph: Typhoon

1143 Conrad, Joseph: Notes on Life and Letters

1144 James, Henry: In the Cage

1145 Hope, Anthony: Rupert of Hentzau

1146 Fielding, Henry: Journal of a Voyage to Lisbon — Volume 1

1147 Fielding, Henry: A journey from this world to the next — Volume 2

1148 Cambrensis, Giraldus: The itinerary of Archbishop Baldwin through Wales

1149 Defoe, Daniel: From London to Land's End and Two Letters from the "Journey through England by a Gentleman"

1150 Saxo, Grammaticus: The Danish History, Books I-IX

1151 Anonymous: The Nibelungenlied

1152 Anonymous: The Story of the Volsungs

1153 Burroughs, Edgar Rice: The Chessmen of Mars

1154 Lofting, Hugh: The Voyages of Dr. Dolittle

1155 Christie, Agatha: Secret Adversary

1156 Lewis, Sinclair: Babbitt

1157 Lewis, Sinclair: Babbitt

1158 Tarkington, Booth: Penrod and Sam

1159 Rohmer, Sax: Fire-Tongue

1160 London, Jack: The Game

1161 London, Jack: Jerry of the Islands

1162 London, Jack: The Jacket (Star-Rover)

1163 London, Jack: Adventure

1164 London, Jack: The Iron Heel

1165 Unknown: The Little Book of Modern Verse; a selection from the work of contemporaneous American poets

1166 Unknown: The Second Book of Modern Verse; a selection from the work of contemporaneous American poets

1167 Green, Anna Katharine: A Strange Disappearance

1168 Duncan, Sara Jeannette: The Pool in the Desert

1169 Xenophon: Agesilaus

1170 Xenophon: Anabasis

1171 Xenophon: The Apology

1172 Xenophon: The Cavalry General

1173 Xenophon: The Economist

1174 Xenophon: Hellenica

1175 Xenophon: Hiero

1176 Xenophon: On Horsemanship

1177 Xenophon: The Memorabilia

1178 Xenophon: Polity Athenians and Lacedaemonians

1179 Xenophon: On Revenues

1180 Xenophon: The Sportsman

1181 Xenophon: The Symposium

1182 Rohmer, Sax: Dope

1183 Rohmer, Sax: The Return of Dr. Fu-Manchu

1184 Rohmer, Sax: The Return of Dr. Fu-Manchu

1185 Draper, John William: History of the Conflict Between Religion and Science

1186 Meynell, Alice Christiana Thompson: Poems

1187 London, Jack: War of the Classes

1188 Stoker, Bram: Lair of the White Worm

1189 Stoker, Bram: Lair of the White Worm

1190 James, Henry: The Jolly Corner

1191 Congreve, William: The Double-Dealer, a comedy

1192 Congreve, William: The Old Bachelor: a Comedy

1193 James, Henry: The Coxon Fund

1194 Rougemont, Louis de: The Adventures of Louis De Rougemont

1195 James, Henry: Glasses

1196 James, Henry: Glasses

1197 Gogol, Nikolai Vasilievich: Taras Bulba and Other Tales

1198 Boldrewood, Rolf: Robbery under Arms; a story of life and adventure in the bush and in the Australian goldfields

1199 Various: An Anthology of Australian Verse

1200 Various: An Anthology of Australian Verse