Free Kindle Books PG Files 1201 - 1300

1201 Spooner; Lysander: Trial By Jury

1202 Conrad; Joseph: Tales of Unrest, by Joseph Conrad

1203 Hope, Anthony: Dolly Dialogues

1204 Bower, B. M.: Cabin Fever

1205 Meynell; Alice: The Color of Life

1206 Bower, B. M.: The Flying U Ranch

1207 Haggard, Henry Rider: Nada the Lily

1208 London; Jack: South Sea Tales

1209 Prescott; William Hickling: The Conquest of Peru

1210 Hearn; Lafcadio: Kwaidan

1211 Herrick, Robert: A selection from the lyrical poems of Robert Herrick

1212 Austen, Jane: Love and Friendship

1213 Twain; Mark: The Man that Corrupted Hadleyburg

1214 Rinehart, Mary Roberts: The Street of Seven Stars

1215 de Balzac; Honore: The Elixer of Life

1216 Babbage, Charles: Reflections on the Decline of Science in England

1218 Packard; Frank L: The Adventures of Jimmie Dale, by Frank L. Packard

1219 Meredith; George: An Essay on Comedy

1220 de Balzac; Honore: The Atheist's Mass

1221 Coulter; John M.: North AMerican Species of Cactus

1222 Cobb, Irvin S. (Irvin Shrewsbury): Cobb's Anatomy

1223 de Balzac; Honore: Ursula

1224 Mims; Edwin: Sidney Lanier

1225 Tyndall, John: Faraday as a Discoverer

1226 Unknown: The Journal of Abnormal Psychology

1227 Darwin; Charles: Expression of Emotion in Man & Animals

1228 Darwin; Charles: On the Origin of Species

1229 Lanier; Sidney: Selected Poems of Sidney Lanier

1230 de Balzac; Honore: Pierre Grassou

1231 Lawson, Henry: On the Track

1232 Machiavelli; Nicolo: The Prince, by Nicolo Machiavelli

1233 Crile; George W: The Origin and Nature of Emotions

1234 Conant; James Bryant: Organic Syntheses

1235 Gautier; Theophile: Captain Fracasse, by Theophile Gautier

1236 Brooks; Noah: First Across the Continent, by Noah Brooks

1237 de Balzac; Honore: Father Goriot

1238 Thomson, James: The City of Dreadful Night

1239 Grey; Zane: The Spirit of the Border

1240 Synge, J. M. (John Millington): The Playboy of the Western World

1241 Synge, J. M. (John Millington): The Well of the Saints

1242 de Balzac; Honore: Unconscious Comedians

1243 Alice Meynell: Hearts of Controversy

1244 Congreve; William: Love for Love

1245 Woolf, Virginia: Night and Day

1246 Aiken, Conrad: The House of Dust; a symphony

1247 Millay, Edna St. Vincent: Second April

1248 Wetmore; Helen Cody: Last of the Great Scouts

1249 Rand; Ayn: Anthem

1250 Rand; Ayn: Anthem

1251 Malory; Thomas: Le Mort d'Arthur

1252 Malory; Thomas: Le Mort d'Arthur Vol. 2

1253 Flaubert; Gustave: A Simple Soul, by Gustave Flaubert

1254 Rostand; Edmond: CYRANO DE BERGERAC

1256 Rostand; Edmond: The Project Gutenberg eBook of Cyrano de Bergerac, by Edmond Rostand

1257 Dumas; Alexandre: The Three Musketeers

1258 Dumas; Alexandre: Ten Years Later

1259 Dumas; Alexandre: Twenty Years After

1260 Bronte; Charlotte: Jane Eyre

1261 Grey; Zane: Betty Zane

1262 Grey, Zane: Heritage of the Desert

1263 Wharton, Edith: The Glimpses of the Moon

1264 Wells; H. G.: The Wheels of Chance

1265 Strachey; Lytton: Queen Victoria

1266 Reed, Myrtle: Lavender and Old Lace

1267 Bramah, Ernest: Kai Lung's Golden Hours

1268 Verne, Jules: The Mysterious Island

1269 Wells; H. G.: Soul of a Bishop

1270 Mencken, H. L. (Henry Louis): In Defense of Women

1271 Redgrove, H. Stanley (Herbert Stanley): Bygone Beliefs: being a series of excursions in the byways of thought

1272 LeFebure; Victor: The Riddle of the Rhine

1273 Lyall, Edna: The Autobiography of a Slander

1274 Masefield, John: Martin Hyde, the Duke's Messenger

1275 Kingsley; Charles: Alexandria and her Schools

1276 Meynell; Alice: The Rhythm of Life

1277 de Balzac; Honore: Melmoth Reconciled

1278 Wiggin, Kate Douglas Smith: Penelope's English Experiences

1279 Burns; Robert: Poems and Songs of Robert Burns, by Robert Burns

1280 Masters; Edgar Lee: Spoon River Anthology

1281 Appleton, Victor [pseud.]: Tom Swift and His Aerial Warship, or, the Naval Terror of the Seas

1282 Appleton, Victor [pseud.]: Tom Swift Among the Diamond Makers, or, the Secret of Phantom Mountain

1283 Appleton, Victor [pseud.]: Tom Swift and His Wizard Camera, or, Thrilling Adventures While Taking Moving Pictures

1284 Appleton, Victor [pseud.]: Tom Swift and His Air Scout, or, Uncle Sam's Mastery of the Sky

1285 Butler, Ellis Parker: The Water goats and other troubles

1286 Lamb; Charles and Mary: Tales From Shakespeare

1287 Goethe; Johann Wolfgang von: The Poems of Goethe

1288 Grahame, Kenneth: Dream Days

1289 Dickens, Charles: Three Ghost Stories

1290 Flaubert; Gustave: Salammbo, by Gustave Flaubert

1291 Flaubert; Gustave: Herodias, by Gustave Flaubert

1292 Congreve; William: The Way of the World

1293 Ruskin; John: Sesame and Lilies

1294 de Balzac; Honore: The Firm of Nucingen

1295 Meynell; Alice: Cere's Runaway

1296 Galt; John: The Provost

1297 Davis, James J. (James John): The Iron Puddler My life in the rolling mills and what came of it

1298 Wister, Owen: The Virginian, a Horseman of the Plains

1299 Bower, B. M.: The Heritage of the Sioux

1300 Grey; Zane: Riders of the Purple Sage