Free Kindle Books PG Files 1401 - 1500

1401 Edgar Rice Burroughs: The Project Gutenberg eBook of "Tarzan the Untamed"

1402 Christopher Morley: Where the Blue Begins

1403 Honore de Balzac: A Start in Life

1404 Alexander Hamilton: The Federalist Papers (1.226 MByte)

1405 Honore de Balzac: The Collection of Antiquities

1406 Charles Dickens: The Perils of Certain English Prisoners

1407 Charles Dickens: A Message from the Sea

1408 Gilbert White: The Natural History of Selborne

1409 Percival Lowell: The Soul of the Far East

1410 Honore de Balzac: The Commission in Lunacy

1411 Honore de Balzac: Domestic Peace

1412 Captain Marryat: Masterman Ready

1413 Charles Dickens: Tom Tiddler's Ground

1414 Charles Dickens: Somebody's Luggage

1415 Charles Dickens: Doctor Marigold

1416 Charles Dickens: Mrs. Lirriper's Lodgings

1417 Honore de Balzac: Sons of the Soil

1418 Robert Graves: Country Sentiment

1419 Charles Dickens: Mugby Junction

1420 Thomas Holmes: London's Underworld

1421 Charles Dickens: Mrs. Lirriper's Legacy

1422 Charles Dickens: Going into Society

1423 Charles Dickens and Wilkie Collins: No Thoroughfare

1424 Maria Edgeworth: Castle Rackrent

1425 Honore de Balzac: El Verdugo

1426 Honore de Balzac: The Recruit

1427 Honore de Balzac: A Drama on the Seashore

1428 Honore de Balzac: La Grenadiere

1429 Katherine Mansfield: The Garden Party

1431 Olive Schreiner: Trooper Peter Halket

1432 Honore de Balzac: Seraphita

1433 Honore de Balzac: The Red Inn

1434 Alice Meynell: Essays

1435 Charles Dickens: Miscellaneous Papers

1436 Father Jerome Lobo: A Voyage to Abyssinia

1437 Honore de Balzac: Juana

1438 Wilkie Collins: No Name (1.661 MByte)

1439 Olive Schreiner: Dreams

1440 Olive Schreiner: Woman and Labour

1442 E. Phillips Oppenheim #2: Kingdom of the Blind

1443 Honore De Balzac: Two Poets

1444 O. Henry: The Voice of the City

1445 J. S. Zerbe: Aeroplanes

1446 Donald Ogden Stewart: Perfect Behavior

1447 E. Phillips Oppenheim 3: The Illustrious Prince

1448 Johanna Spyri: Heidi

1449 Jack London: The Valley of the Moon (1.064 MByte)

1450 Eleanor H. Porter: Pollyanna

1451 William T. Tilden, 2D: The Art of Lawn Tennis

1452 Sol Plaatje: Native Life in South Africa

1453 Honore de Balzac: The Alkahest

1454 Honore de Balzac: Maitre Cornelius

1455 Honore de Balzac: The Hated Son

1456 Honore de Balzac: An Episode Under the Terror

1457 Rafael Sabatini: Mistress Wilding

1458 Olive Schreiner: Dream Life and Real Life

1459 T. S. Eliot #2: Prufrock and Other Observations

1460 Sir Walter Scott: The Black Dwarf

1461 Sir Walter Scott: A Legend of Montrose

1462 Thackeray: Some Roundabout Papers

1463 George Gissing: The Private Papers of Henry Ryecroft

1464 Charles Dickens: Contributions to All The Year Round

1465 Charles Dickens: The Wreck of the Golden Mary

1466 Maxim Gorky: Creatures That Once Were Men

1467 Charles Dickens: Some Christmas Stories

1469 Francis Thompson: Poems

1470 Keene: Fall of the Moghul Empire of Hindustan

1471 Francis Thompson: New Poems

1472 Katherine Mansfield: In a German Pension

1473 Maria Edgeworth: The Absentee

1474 Honore de Balzac: The Illustrious Gaudissart

1475 Honore de Balzac: Gaudissart II

1476 Joseph Conrad: Chance

1477 Saki (AKA: H.H. Munro): The Toys of Peace

1478 D. O. Stewart: A Parody Outline of History

1479 R. B. Cunninghame Graham ]: A Vanished Arcadia

1480 Thomas Hughes: Tom Brown's Schooldays

1481 Honore de Balzac: A Daughter of Eve

1482 Honore de Balzac: Modeste Mignon

1483 David N. Carvalho: Forty Centuries of Ink

1484 Vicente Blasco Ibanez: The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

1485 Carry A. Nation: The Use and Need of the Life

1486 John Fiske: The Unseen World and Other Essays

1487 GB Shaw: Perfect Wagnerite, Commentary the Ring

1488 Elbridge S. Brooks: The True Story of Christopher Columbus

1489 The New McGuffey First Reader

1490 The New McGuffey Fourth Reader

1491 Andrew Lang: Letters to Dead Authors

1492 Edward Everett Hale: The Life of Christopher Columbus

1493 Louis Ginzberg: The Legends of the Jews Volume 1

1494 Louis Ginzberg: The Legends of the Jews Volume 2

1495 Chester K. Steele: The Golf Course Mystery

1496 Christopher Marlowe: Massacre at Paris

1498 John Lord: Beacon Lights of History

1499 John Lord: Beacon Lights of History

1500 William Shakespeare: King Henry VI, Part 1