Free Kindle Books PG Files 1601 - 1700

1601 Mary Roberts Rinehart: The Breaking Point

1602 Edna Ferber: Dawn O'Hara, The Girl Who Laughed

1603 Henry van Dyke: The Blue Flower

1605 James Stephens: The Crock of Gold

1606 Sir Walter Scott: Kenilworth (1.199 MByte)

1607 J. J. Astor: A Journey in Other Worlds

1608 A. Dumas, fils: Camille [La Dame aux Camilias]

1609 Unknown: 1drvb10 (2.850 MByte)

1610 Unknown: 2drvb10 (2.730 MByte)

1611 Booth Tarkington: Seventeen

1612 Hilda Conkling: Poems By a Little Girl

1613 J. Storer Clousten: Count Bunker

1614 Julian Hawthorne: The Golden Fleece

1615 Ernest A. Savage: Old English Libraries

1616 Plato, B. Jowett, Trans.: Cratylus

1617 Mary Wilkins: The Wind in the Rose-Bush, et al

1618 J. M. Synge: In Shadow of the Glen

1620 Richard Harding Davis: Lion and the Unicorn

1621 Wilkie Collins: Miss or Mrs.?

1622 Wilkie Collins: The Law and the Lady

1623 Wilkie Collins: The New Magdalen

1624 Wilkie Collins: The Two Destinies

1625 Wilkie Collins: The Frozen Deep

1626 Wilkie Collins: After Dark

1627 Wilkie Collins: The Evil Genius

1628 Wilkie Collins: My Lady's Money

1629 Wilkie Collins: I Say No

1630 Wilkie Collins: Little Novels

1631 Andrew Lang: A Monk of Fife

1632 Charles Whibley: A Book of Scoundrels

1633 Edward Everett Hale: The Brick Moon, et. al.

1634 Thomas Dixon: The Foolish Virgin

1635 Plato, Trans. by Benjamin Jowett: Ion

1636 Plato, Trans by Ben. Jowett: Phaedrus

1637 Kingsley: Sanitary and Social Lectures, etc

1638 Arthur Conan Doyle: The New Revelation

1639 Honore de Balzac: Eve and David

1640 George MacDonald: Lilith

1641 Honore de Balzac: The Lesser Bourgeoisie (1.122 MByte)

1642 Plato, Trans by B. Jowett: Euthyphro

1643 Plato, Trans by Benjamin Jowett: Meno

1644 Arthur Conan Doyle/14: The Adventures of Gerard

1645 Andrew Lang: Rhymes a la Mode

1646 O. Henry: Roads of Destiny

1649 Honore de Balzac: Ferragus

1650 Wagner/Burgoyne: The Light of Egypt, Volume II

1651 Emile Gaboriau: The Mystery of Orcival

1652 Jules Verne #9: The Survivors of the Chancellor

1653 Thomas A Kempis: The Imitation of Christ

1654 George Bernard Shaw: An Unsocial Socialist

1655 Jack London: The God of His Fathers

1656 Plato: Apology

1657 Plato: Crito

1658 Plato: Phaedo

1659 Honore de Balzac: The Girl with the Golden Eyes

1660 Honore de Balzac: Scenes From a Courtesan's Life (1.264 MByte)

1661 Doyle: The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

1662 Unknown: world97 (3.796 MByte)

1663 HD Foster: Webster's March 7th Speech/Secession

1664 John Farrar: Songs for Parents

1665 Edna Lyall: Derrick Vaughan--Novelist

1666 Lucius Apuleius: The Golden Asse

1667 Walter Scott: My Aunt Margaret's Mirror

1668 Walter Scott: Death of the Laird's Jock

1669 Jack London: The Human Drift

1670 Unknown: 1670

1671 Mary Roberts Rinehart: When a Man Marries

1672 Plato: Gorgias

1673 Unknown: Lesser Hippias

1674 Unknown: sjrnr10

1675 Arthur Judson Brown: New Forces in Old China

1676 Plato?: Alcibiades I

1678 Honore de Balzac: An Historical Mystery

1679 Burbank L. Todd: Hiram The Young Farmer

1680 Honore de Balzac: At the Sign of the Cat and Racket

1682 Plato: Menexenus

1683 Honore de Balzac: Honorine

1684 George Meredith: The Egoist (1.243 MByte)

1685 Gaston Leroux: Mystery of the Yellow Room

1686 Gaston Leroux: The Secret of the Night

1687 Plato: Parmenides

1688 Jack London: The People of the Abyss

1689 Margaret Sanger: The Pivot of Civilization

1690 H. Rider Haggard: Marie

1691 Unknown: dream10

1692 Mary Johnston: 1492

1693 Mary Roberts Rinehart: Dangerous Days

1695 G. K. Chesterton/GKC7: The Man Who Was Thursday

1696 G. K. Chesterton/GKC8: The Club of Queer Trades

1697 Charles Kingsley: Madam How and Lady Why

1698 Unknown: tsotc10a

1700 E. C. Gaskell: Life of Charlotte Bronte, V2