Free Kindle Books PG Files 2201 - 2300

2226 Rudyard Kipling: Kim

2228 Johann Wolfgang von Goethe: Reineke Fuchs

2231 Jerome K. Jerome: All Roads Lead to Calvary

2232 John Webster: The Duchess of Malfi

2233 P.G. Wodehouse: A Damsel in Distress

2234 Jerome 20: Sketches in Lavender, Blue and Green

2235 William Shakespeare: The Tempest

2236 Shakespeare: The Two Gentlemen of Verona

2237 Shakespeare: The Merry Wives of Windsor

2238 William Shakespeare: Measure for Measure

2239 Wm. Shakespeare: The Comedy of Errours

2240 Wm. Shakespeare: Much ado about Nothing

2241 William Shakespeare: Loves Labour Lost

2242 Wm. Shakespeare: Midsummer Nights Dreame

2243 Wm. Shakespeare: The Merchant of Venice

2244 William Shakespeare: As you Like it

2245 Wm. Shakespeare: The Taming of the Shrew

2246 Shakespeare: All is well, that Ends well

2247 William Shakespeare: Twelfe-Night

2248 William Shakespeare: The Winters Tale

2249 William Shakespeare: King John

2250 William Shakespeare: Richard II

2251 William Shakespeare: Henry IV Part 1

2252 William Shakespeare: Henry IV Part 2

2253 William Shakespeare: Henry V

2254 William Shakespeare: Henry VI Part 1

2255 William Shakespeare: Henry VI Part 2

2256 William Shakespeare: Henry VI Part 3

2257 William Shakespeare: Richard III

2258 William Shakespeare: Henry VIII

2259 William Shakespeare: Coriolanus

2260 William Shakespeare: Titus Andronicus

2261 William Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet

2262 William Shakespeare: Timon of Athens

2263 William Shakespeare: Julius Caesar

2264 William Shakespeare: Macbeth

2265 William Shakespeare: Hamlet

2266 William Shakespeare: King Lear

2267 William Shakespeare: Othello

2268 Wm. Shakespeare: Anthonie and Cleopatra

2269 Wm. Shakespeare: Cymbeline

2271 Edward P. Roe: He Fell In Love With His Wife

2272 Sir Walter Raleigh: The Discovery of Guiana

2273 Victor Appleton: Tom Swift And His Motor-Boat

2274 Arnold Bennett: How to Live on 24 Hours a Day

2275 James Fenimore Cooper: The Pioneers (1.080 MByte)

2276 James Hogg: Confessions of A Justified Sinner

2277 Bret Harte: Condensed Novels

2278 Bret Harte: New Burlesques

2279 Bret Harte: A Waif of the Plains

2280 Bret Harte 10: A Millionaire of Rough-and-Ready

2281 Bret Harte 11: The Heritage of Dedlow Marsh etc

2282 Jane Morgan: Tales for Fifteen

2283 Richard Harding Davis: The Lost Road, etc

2284 Ernest Thompson Seton: Animal Heroes

2285 William MacLeod Raine: Ridgway of Montana

2286 Bret Harte: Devil's Ford

2287 E. Philips Oppenheim: Havoc

2288 Maxim Gorky: Through Russia

2289 Henrik Ibsen: Rosmersholm

2291 George MacDonald: David Elginbrod (1.123 MByte)

2292 Max Beerbohm: Yet Again

2295 O Henry Pt 1: Waifs and Strays, etc

2296 Henrik Ibsen: Pillars of Society

2297 Bret Harte: Snow-Bound at Eagle's

2298 R. S. Ball: Great Astronomers

2299 Henry James: Pandora

2300 Charles Darwin: The Descent of Man (2.000 MByte)