Free Kindle Books PG Files 3601 - 3700

3601 Hugh Walpole: The Captives (1.191 MByte)

3602 Edward Salisbury Field: Cupid's Understudy

3603 David Widger: Quotations From Guy de Maupassant

3604 Doris Stevens: Jailed for Freedom

3605 A. C. Ray and H. B. Fuller: On The Firing Line

3606 Wilkie Collins: Antonina (1.048 MByte)

3607 Samuel W. Baker: Ismailia (1.327 MByte)

3613 John Bunyan: Miscellaneous Pieces

3615 Anthony Trollope: John Bull on the Guadalquivir

3616 Anthony Trollope: O'Conors of Castle Conor

3617 Widger: Quotations From Dumas Celebrated Crimes

3618 George Bernard Shaw: Arms and the Man

3619 Mary J. Holmes: Cousin Maude

3620 Charles Darwin: South American Geology

3621 J. Hartley Manners: Peg O' My Heart

3622 Anthony Trollope: The Duke's Children (1.375 MByte)

3623 James George Frazer: The Golden Bough (2.409 MByte)

3624 Adolphus William Ward: Chaucer

3625 Albert Keim and Louis Lumet: Honore de Balzac

3627 James Hamilton: Life of Bunyan

3628 Ella Wheeler Wilcox: The Kingdom of Love

3629 Theodore Dreiser: The Titan (1.225 MByte)

3631 Tolstoy: On the Significance of Science and Art

3632 Wilkie Collins: Poor Miss Finch (1.029 MByte)

3633 Wilkie Collins: Jezebel's Daughter

3634 Wilkie Collins: The Guilty River

3635 Kathleen Norris: Mother

3637 Robert Hichens: The Garden Of Allah (1.382 MByte)

3638 George Bernard Shaw: The Devil's Disciple

3640 Arnold Bennett: Literary Taste

3641 Cosmo Hamilton: Who Cares?

3642 Lucy Fitch Perkins: The Belgian Twins

3643 Widger: Quotations from Albert Paine's Writings

3646 Winston Churchill: The Dwelling Place of Light, Volume 1

3647 Winston Churchill: The Dwelling Place of Light, Volume 2

3648 Winston Churchill: The Dwelling Place of Light, Volume 3

3650 Marg. Carhart: Selections From American Poetry

3652 Alexander Mackenzie: History Of The Mackenzies (1.406 MByte)

3653 Joseph A. Altsheler: The Guns of Bull Run

3654 Andrew Lang: Alfred Tennyson

3655 Maria Edgeworth: The Parent's Assistant (1.062 MByte)

3656 Samuel W. Baker #6: Cyprus, as I Saw it in 1879

3658 Ralph Connor: The Prospector

3659 Florence L. Barclay: The Rosary

3660 Mary E. Bamford: Out Of The Triangle

3661 Widger: Quotations from The Essays of Montaigne

3663 Harold Bindloss: The Girl From Keller's

3664 Henri Rene Guy de Maupassant: Yvette

3665 Ella Wheeler Wilcox: Maurine and Other Poems

3666 Lousia Muhlbach: Andreas Hofer (1.168 MByte)

3667 Alfred Henry Lewis: Wolfville Days

3669 Charles Reade: The Woman-Hater (1.025 MByte)

3670 Charles Reade: Peg Woffington

3671 Charles Reade: Christie Johnstone

3673 Charles Ives: Essays Before a Sonata

3674 G. A. Henty: The Dragon and the Raven

3676 Marion Polk Angellotti: The Firefly Of France

3677 Steele Rudd: On Our Selection

3678 Louis Stone: Jonah

3679 J. C. F. Johnson: Getting Gold

3680 Owen M. Edwards: Cartrefi Cymru

3681 Winston Churchill: Mr. Crewe's Career, Book I.

3682 Winston Churchill: Mr. Crewe's Career, Book II.

3683 Winston Churchill: Mr. Crewe's Career, Book III.

3685 Pierre Loti: Egypt (La Mort De Philae)

3687 Howard Pyle: The Ruby of Kishmoor

3688 Saki: The Chronicles of Clovis

3690 (H)erbert (G)eorge Wells: Floor Games

3691 (H)erbert (G)eorge Wells: Little Wars

3692 Dante Gabriel Rossetti: The House of Life

3693 L. Muhlbach #7: Louisa of Prussia and Her Times (1.486 MByte)

3694 Ben Jonson: Every Man In His Humour

3695 Ben Jonson: Every Man Out Of His Humour

3696 Charlotte M. Yonge: The Prince and the Page

3697 Swinburne: A Century of Roundels

3698 William Cowper: The Task and Other Poems

3699 Trollope: Miss Sarah Jack of Spanish Town