Free Kindle Books PG Files 3701 - 3800

3701 Lord Dufferin: Letters From High Latitudes

3702 Charles Reade and Dion Boucicault: Foul Play (1.026 MByte)

3703 Ethel Pedley: Dot And The Kangaroo

3705 Robert Alexander Wason: Happy Hawkins

3706 Gertrude Atherton: The Valiant Runaways

3707 O. Henry: The Trimmed Lamp, etc.

3709 H. Rider Haggard: Love Eternal

3710 Anthony Trollope: An Unprotected Female

3711 Anthony Trollope: Relics of General Chasse

3712 Anthony Trollope 20: Chateau of Prince Polignac

3713 Anthony Trollope: Aaron Trow

3715 Ambrose Bierce: The Parenticide Club

3716 Anthony Trollope: Mrs. General Talboys

3717 Trollope: The Parson's Daughter of Oxney Colne

3718 Anthony Trollope: George Walker At Suez

3719 Anthony Trollope: The Mistletoe Bough

3720 Anthony Trollope: Returning Home

3721 Parkman #2: Pioneers Of France In The New World

3722 Gene Stratton-Porter #8: A Daughter Of The Land

3723 Anthony Trollope: A Ride Across Palestine

3725 Haaren; Poland: Famous Men of the Middle Ages

3731 Oliver T. Osborne: Disturbances of the Heart

3732 Alfred Henry Lewis: Wolfville

3733 Henri Rene Guy De Maupassant: Bel Ami

3734 Victor Appleton: Tom Swift in the Caves of Ice

3735 Nicolay Gogol: The Inspector-General

3736 Winston Churchill: A Far Country, Book 1

3737 Winston Churchill: A Far Country, Book 2

3738 Winston Churchill: A Far Country, Book 3

3740 Bourrienne, Constant, and Stewarton: Memoirs of Napoleon Bonaparte (5.610 MByte)

3741 Thomas Paine: The American Crisis

3742 Thomas Paine: The Rights Of Man

3743 Thomas Paine: The Age Of Reason

3744 Charlotte M. Yonge: The Trial (1.150 MByte)

3745 Maria Thompson Davies: The Road To Providence

3746 Sir Gilbert Parker: The Judgment House

3747 Ludovico Ariosto in Italian: Orlando Furioso (1.683 MByte)

3748 Verne: Journey to Interior of Earth

3751 Ethel D. Puffer: The Psychology of Beauty

3752 Richard Hakluyt: Voyager's Tales

3754 J H Fabre: The Wonders Of Instinct

3759 Esaias Tegne'r: Fridthjof's Saga

3760 Benjamin Disraeli: Sybil, or the Two Nations (1.023 MByte)

3761 H. E. Marshall: This Country Of Ours (1.109 MByte)

3762 Winston Churchill: Coniston, Book I.

3763 Winston Churchill: Coniston, Book II.

3764 Winston Churchill: Coniston, Book III.

3765 Winston Churchill: Coniston, Book IV.

3769 James and Horace Smith: Rejected Addresses

3773 William Morris: Hopes and Fears for Art

3774 Lucy Fitch Perkins: The Eskimo Twins

3777 Victor Appleton: Tom Swift & His Electric Rifle

3780 G.P.R. James: The King's Highway (1.085 MByte)

3783 Maxim Gorky: Mother

3785 G. A. Henty: In The Reign Of Terror

3787 Mrs.: Nature And Art

3788 J. Cuthbert Hadden: Haydn

3791 James Lane Allen: The Reign Of Law

3792 Emma D. E. N. Southworth: Capitola The Madcap

3793 L. Muhlbach: Joseph II. and His Court (2.382 MByte)

3795 Louisa May Alcott: Under the Lilacs

3796 Lucy Maud Montgomery: Rilla of Ingleside

3797 H. G. Wells: In the Days of the Comet

3798 Captain Gronow: Reminiscences of Captain Gronow

3799 Joseph Fisher: Landholding In England

3800 Benedict de Spinoza: The Ethics