Free Kindle Books PG Files 4001 - 4100

4002 Emile Gaboriau: Monsieur Lecoq, Vol. 2, The Honor of the Name (1.236 MByte)

4003 G. B. Shaw: Androcles and the Lion

4004 Shaw: Preface to Androcles and the Lion

4005 Rosa Nouchette Carey: Herb of Grace

4006 Ella Wheeler Wilcox: Yesterdays

4007 Walter Savage Landor: Gebir

4008 Walter Savage Landor: Count Julian

4009 Coventry Patmore: Victories of Love

4010 Walter Scott: Marmion, ed. Morley

4012 Lucy Fitch Perkins: The Dutch Twins

4014 Edgar Jepson; Maurice Leblanc: Arsene Lupin

4015 Eugene O'Neill: The Hairy Ape

4016 Louisa Muhlbach: Prince Eugene (1.277 MByte)

4017 Maurice LeBlanc: The Hollow Needle

4018 Yei Theodora Ozaki: Japanese Fairy Tales

4019 Dillon Wallace: The Lure of the Labrador Wild

4020 Stephen Leacock: Arcadian Adventures

4021 J. M. Barrie: Dear Brutus

4023 George Bernard Shaw: Candida

4024 G. B. Shaw: The Man of Destiny

4025 Eugene O'Neill: Anna Christie

4026 Eugene O'Neill: The First Man

4027 Eliza Lee Follen: Little Songs

4029 Follen: True Stories About Dogs and Cats

4030 Eliza Lee Follen: Travellers' Stories

4040 Eliza Lee Follen: The Pedler of Dust Sticks

4041 Eliza Lee Follen: Conscience

4042 Kerst; Krehbiel: Mozart:The Man and the Artist

4044 E.L.Follen: What the Animals Do and Say

4045 Herman Melville: Omoo

4046 Algernon Blackwood: The Garden of Survival

4047 Anna Katharine Green: The Leavenworth Case

4048 Eliza Lee Follen: The Talkative Wig

4049 Eliza Lee Follen: Piccolissima

4050 Mary Grant Bruce: Mates at Billabong

4052 Richard Johnson: Address to the Inhabitants

4054 Ellen Clacy: Gold Diggings of Australia

4057 Walter Pater: Marius the Epicurean, Vol. I

4058 Walter Pater: Marius the Epicurean, Vol. II

4059 Walter Pater: Miscellaneous Studies

4060 Walter Pater: The Renaissance

4062 Walter Pater: Gaston de Latour

4064 S.Leacock: Moonbeams From the Larger Lunacy

4065 Simon Newcomb: Sidelights On Astronomy

4068 J. J. Thomas: Froudacity

4069 Leacock: The Dawn of Canadian History

4070 Henrik Ibsen: The Master Builder

4071 Emile Gaboriau: Monsieur Lecoq, Vol. 1, The Investigator

4072 Swinburne: Songs before Sunrise

4073 Samuel Butler: Ex Voto

4074 H. Rider Haggard: Swallow

4075 P.G. Wodehouse: The Intrusion of Jimmy

4076 Richard Hakluyt: The Discovery of Muscovy

4077 S. Leacock: The Mariner of St Malo

4078 Oscar Wilde: The Picture of Dorian Gray

4079 Friedrich Hebbel: Agnes Bernauer

4080 Friedrich Hebbel: Gyges und sein Ring

4081 Ben Jonson: The Alchemist

4082 Rex Beach: The Barrier

4083 Friedrich Hebbel: Mutter und Kind

4086 Lucy Fitch Perkins: The Scotch Twins

4087 Daniel Defoe: An Essay on Projects

4092 J. Fenimore Cooper: The Monikins

4093 Henrik Ibsen: Hedda Gabler

4094 James Legge: Confucian Analects

4095 Walter Pater: Plato and Platonism

4096 C. S. Calverley: Verses and Translations

4099 Coventry Patmore: Angel in the House