Free Kindle Books PG Files 4901 - 5000

4901 Anonymous: The Only True Mother Goose Melodies

4904 D.Widger: Quotations From George Meredith

4911 John Richardson: Wacousta (Volume III)

4913 Edward Lasker: Chess and Checkers

4914 Margaret Penrose: The Motor Girls

4917 Anthony Trollope: The Kellys and the O'Kellys (1.204 MByte)

4918 S.R. Crockett: The Lilac Sunbonnet

4920 Austin Hall and Homer Eon Flint: The Blind Spot

4922 Clarence E. Mulford: Bar-20 Days

4923 Upton Sinclair: King Midas: A Romance

4924 John A. Widtsoe: Dry-Farming

4925 Thomas Bulfinch: The Age of Fable

4927 Thomas Bulfinch: Legends of Charlemagne

4928 Thomas Bulfinch: Bulfinch's Mythology (2.037 MByte)

4930 John Kendrick Bangs: Paste Jewels

4931 G.A. Henty: Won by the Sword

4933 Edmond Jaloux: L'Escalier d'Or

4937 Samuel Butler: Hudibras

4938 Various: U.S. Presidential Inaugural Addresses

4939 James Huneker: Chopin: The Man and His Music

4941 St. George Rathborne: The House Boat Boys

4943 Winston S. Churchill: The River War

4945 Edith Bancroft: Jane Allen: Junior

4946 Fergus Hume: Madame Midas

4947 Kathleen Norris: Sisters

4948 Lloyd Osbourne: Love, The Fiddler

4952 C. Yonge: Life of John Coleridge Patteson (1.704 MByte)

4954 Lyman Abbott: Laicus

4955 Mrs. Belle Kendrick Abbott: Leah Mordecai

4956 Maturin Murray: The Duke's Prize

4957 Maturin Murray: The Heart's Secret

4958 F. Colburn Adams: Justice in the By-Ways

4959 F. Colburn Adams: Maj. Roger Sherman Potter

4961 Sinclair Lewis: Our Mr. Wrenn

4962 H. W. Conn: The Story Of Germ Life

4963 Ludwig Thoma: Moral

4970 August Strindberg: There are Crimes and Crimes

4971 Thomas Chapais: The Great Intendant

4974 Ernest Giles: Australia Twice Traversed, The Romance of Exploration (3.688 MByte)

4975 David W Carnegie: Spinifex and Sand (2.138 MByte)

4976 Charles Sturt: Expedition into Central Australia, Vols. 1 and 2 (2.793 MByte)

4978 Eldredge and Molera: The March of Portola

4979 Thornton W. Burgess: Blacky the Crow

4980 Thornton W. Burgess: Old Granny Fox

4982 Robert Barr: A Rock in the Baltic

4983 John H. Bechtel: Slips of Speech

4984 Robert W. Chambers: The Hidden Children (1.080 MByte)

4985 Alice B. Emerson: Ruth Fielding of the Red Mill

4987 L. Hope: The Outdoor Girls at Rainbow Lake

4989 Mrs. L.T. Meade: A Sweet Girl Graduate

4990 H. Morrison: The Adventures of a Boy Reporter

4991 F. Patchin: The Pony Rider Boys in New Mexico

4992 Louise-Clarke Pyrnelle: Diddie, Dumps, and Tot

4993 William MacLeod Raine: A Texas Ranger

4994 Roy Rockwood: Five Thousand Miles Underground

4995 Edward Stratemeyer: True to Himself

4996 Louis Tracy: Number Seventeen

4997 Matthew White, Jr.: Two Boys and a Fortune