Free Kindle Books PG Files 5101 - 5200

5102 Mrs. Everard Cotes: The Path of a Star

5103 J. G. Patterson: A Zola Dictionary

5105 Alphonse Daudet: Tartarin sur les Alpes

5110 T. Burgess: The Adventures of Jerry Muskrat

5111 Henry A. Shute: The Real Diary of a Real Boy

5113 E J Banfield: The Confessions of a Beachcomber

5114 Marie Corelli: Ardath (1.348 MByte)

5116 William James: Pragmatism

5117 William James: The Meaning of Truth

5118 Anthony Trollope: The American Senator (1.258 MByte)

5119 Charles Klein: The Lion and the Mouse

5120 J. Storer Clouston: Vandrad the Viking

5121 Anna Katharine Green: Dark Hollow

5122 John Fox,Jr: The Trail of the Lonesome Pine

5124 Charlotte M. Yonge: Henrietta's Wish

5125 Laurence Hope: Last Poems

5128 G.A. Henty: The Young Carthaginian

5129 Vaughan Kester: The Prodigal Judge

5130 Moliere: Don Juan, ou le Festin de pierre

5133 D. Widger: Quotations From John L. Motley

5135 Emile Zola: The Fortune of the Rougons

5140 Anthony Trollope: He Knew He Was Right (2.042 MByte)

5141 Susan Coolidge: What Katy Did At School

5142 George Barr McCutcheon: Graustark

5143 Rex Beach: The Auction Block

5144 Richard Wagner: My Life, Volume II

5145 John Fox, Jr: The Heart Of The Hills

5146 Charles W. Colby: The Fighting Governor

5147 Anatole France: Le Jardin d'Epicure

5149 Arthur B. Reeve: The Gold of the Gods

5150 Arthur B. Reeve: The Ear in the Wall

5153 Talbot Mundy: Rung Ho!

5154 Emile Zola: La bete humaine

5155 Ignatius Donnelly: Caesar's Column

5156 C. Yonge: Beechcroft at Rockstone

5157 Sir Henry M. Stanley: How I Found Livingstone (1.010 MByte)

5158 Boileau: Le Lutrin

5161 Selma Lagerlof: The Treasure

5162 Anna Katharine Green: Agatha Webb

5163 Arthur B. Reeve: Guy Garrick

5164 Richard Marsh: The Beetle

5165 Marie Corelli: Innocent

5166 Ben Jonson: The Poetaster

5167 William Butler Yeats: The Countess Cathleen

5168 W. B. Yeats: The Land Of Heart's Desire

5169 John Richardson: Hardscrabble

5171 Henry Stevens: Thomas Hariot

5172 Gouverneur Morris: Aladdin O'Brien

5173 Kaiten Nukariya: The Religion of the Samurai

5175 H. Rider Haggard: Pearl-Maiden

5177 John Burroughs: Birds and Poets

5179 Thomas Adolphus Trollope: A Siren (1.047 MByte)

5182 Clara Reeve: The Old English Baron

5191 William Henry Rhodes: The Case of Summerfield

5192 James Clerk Maxwell: On a Dynamical Top

5194 Talbot Mundy: The Ivory Trail

5195 Joseph C. Lincoln: Cape Cod Stories

5196 Charlotte Herr: Their Mariposa Legend

5197 Richard Wagner: My Life, Volume I (1.308 MByte)

5199 Sir Ernest Shackleton: South! (5.638 MByte)