Free Kindle Books PG Files 6001 - 6100

6001 Lillian Elizabeth Roy: Polly of Pebbly Pit

6002 Lucille Van Slyke: Little Miss By-The-Day

6003 Michael Clarke: Story of Aeneas

6004 George Bernard Shaw: Helden

6005 George Moore: Celibates

6006 Charlotte M. Yonge: Under the Storm (1.113 MByte)

6007 C. M. Yonge: The Two Sides of the Shield

6008 Richard Henry Savage: The Midnight Passenger

6010 Grant Allen: What's Bred In the Bone

6012 W. Gilmore Simms: Charlemont

6013 George Barr McCutcheon: Viola Gwyn

6014 George Barr McCutcheon: West Wind Drift

6016 Edna Ferber: Roast Beef, Medium

6017 Rex Beach: The Silver Horde

6018 James Boswell: Tour to the Hebrides

6020 Peter B. Kyne: Cappy Ricks Retires

6021 Algernon Blackwood: A Prisoner in Fairyland

6023 Mark Rutherford: Catharine Furze

6026 William Wood: The Great Fortress

6029 George Moore: Spring Days

6030 John Preston True: The Iron Star

6033 Honore de Balzac: Petty Troubles of Married Life, Part First

6037 Thomas Dixon: The One Woman

6038 W. Evans: The Great Doctrines of the Bible

6039 Various: Stories by English Authors: England

6040 Various: Stories by English Authors: Ireland

6041 Various: Stories by English Authors: The Sea

6043 Thomas Kyd: The Spanish Tragedie

6044 George Barr McCutcheon: Quill's Window

6048 John Bunyan: The Works of John Bunyan Volume 3 (3.537 MByte)

6051 H. Rider Haggard: Stella Fregelius

6052 Hornaday: The Minds and Manners of Wild Animals

6053 Fanny Burney: Evelina (1.007 MByte)

6056 Will N. Harben: The Desired Woman

6058 Albion W. Tourgee: Bricks Without Straw

6059 W. Gilmore Simms: Confession

6060 Grant Allen: Philistia

6063 L. Hope: The Bobbsey Twins at School

6064 Lady Fanshawe: Memoirs of Lady Fanshawe

6065 Charles Goddard: The Perils of Pauline

6073 H. Rider Haggard: Smith and the Pharaohs, and Other Tales

6074 Alfred, Lord Tennyson: Lady Clare

6075 Kate Langely Bosher: Miss Gibbie Gault

6077 C.F. McGlashan: History of the Donner Party

6080 John W. Moore: School History of North Carolina

6082 Captain William B. Perry: Our Pilots in the Air

6085 John Lyde Wilson: The Code of Honor

6086 Miss Jane Porter: The Scottish Chiefs (1.765 MByte)

6087 John Polidori: The Vampyre, a Tale

6090 Edward Payson Roe: What Can She Do?

6091 Gertrude Atherton: Senator North

6093 W. H. Hudson: Far Away and Long Ago

6094 Joseph A Altsheler: The Scouts of Stonewall

6095 Henry Fielding: Amelia Volume I

6096 Henry Fielding: Amelia Volume II

6097 Henry Fielding: Amelia Volume III

6099 Charles Baudelaire: Les Fleurs du Mal

6100 Eleanor H. Porter: Pollyanna Grows Up