Free Kindle Books PG Files 6701 - 6800

6701 William Mienhold: Sidonia The Sorceress V2

6703 Carrie V. Shuman: Favorite Dishes

6704 Abby Morton Diaz: A Domestic Problem

6705 Lucy M. Rossetti: Mrs. Shelley

6706 Brooks Adams: The Emancipation of Massachusetts

6708 Demetrius Charles Boulger: China (1.161 MByte)

6710 Ernst Haeckel: The Evolution of Man, V.2

6711 Edward Mandell House: Philip Dru: Administrator

6713 Clara M. S. Lowe: God's Answers

6714 Roy Rockwood: Dave Dashaway and his Hydroplane

6715 James Oliver Curwood: Isobel

6716 George W. Brooks: The Spirit of 1906

6717 Roy Rockwood: Through Space to Mars

6719 E.P. Roe: The Earth Trembled

6720 Joseph Smith: The Wentworth Letter

6721 Charles Turley: The Voyages of Captain Scott (3.845 MByte)

6722 Leonid Andreyev: The Seven who were Hanged

6724 Ernst Moritz Arndt: Kater Martinchen

6725 Wilhelm Hauff: Othello

6726 Wilhelm Hauff: Lichtenstein

6727 Arthur D. Innes: England Under the Tudors (1.169 MByte)

6728 Hegel: Rede zum Schuljahresabschluss

6729 Hegel: Wissenschaft der Logik V1 (1.426 MByte)

6731 Richard Brinsley Sheridan: The Duenna

6733 Fr. Vincent de Paul: Memoir

6734 Elizabeth Cooper: Drusilla with a Million

6735 Eliza Chase: Over the Border: Acadia

6736 Kuno Fischer: Shakespeare und die Bacon-Mythen

6737 Jose Rizal: The Social Cancer (1.146 MByte)

6739 Andre Gide: Les Caves du Vatican

6740 Moliere: Don Garcia of Navarre

6741 Thomas Moore: Life of Sheridan, V1

6742 Moliere: The School for Husbands

6743 F. H. Smith: Colonel Carter of Cartersville

6744 Melanchthon: Apology of the Augsburg Confession

6745 Maria Parloa: Miss Parloa's New Cook Book

6746 Andrew Lang, Ed.: The Grey Fairy Book

6748 C. Joh Kieviet: Fulco de minstreel

6751 Talbot Mundy: Winds of the World

6752 A. Arthur Reade: Study and Stimulants

6753 P. G. Wodehouse: Psmith in the City

6754 Arthur Scott Bailey: Tale of Brownie Beaver

6755 James Seton Cockburn: Canada for Gentlemen

6757 Selina Bunbury: Fanny, the Flower-Girl

6758 Tobias Smollett: The Adventures of Sir Launcelot Greaves

6759 Tobias Smollett, Part I: Count Fathom

6760 Tobias Smollett, Part II: Count Fathom

6761 Tobias Smollett: The Adventures of Ferdinand Count Fathom, Complete (1.560 MByte)

6762 Aristotle: Politics: A Treatise on Government

6764 T. Higginson: Army Life in a Black Regiment

6765 Jens Peter Jacobsen: Mogens and Other Stories

6766 J. Hutchinson: The Press-Gang Afloat and Ashore

6767 Albert Bushnell Hart: Formation of the Union

6768 P. G. Wodehouse: The Man Upstairs

6769 H. Rider Haggard: The People Of The Mist

6770 F. Schiller, Book I: The Thirty Years War

6771 F. Schiller, Book II: The Thirty Years War

6772 F. Schiller, Book III: The Thirty Years War

6773 F. Schiller, Book IV: The Thirty Years War

6774 F. Schiller, Book V: The Thirty Years War

6775 Frederich Schiller: The Thirty Years War, Complete (1.849 MByte)

6776 F. Schiller, Book I: Revolt of Netherlands

6777 F. Schiller, Book II: Revolt of Netherlands

6778 F. Schiller, Book III: Revolt of Netherlands

6779 F. Schiller, Book IV: Revolt of Netherlands

6780 Frederich Schiller: The Revolt of The Netherlands, Complete (1.624 MByte)

6781 Schiller: Ghost-Seer (or The Apparitionist), and Sport of Destiny

6782 Frederich Schiller: The Robbers

6783 Frederich Schiller: Fiesco or, The Genoese Conspiracy

6784 Frederich Schiller: Love and Intrigue

6785 Frederich Schiller: The Camp of Wallenstein

6786 Frederich Schiller: The Piccolomini

6787 Frederich Schiller: The Death of Wallenstein

6788 Frederich Schiller: Wilhelm Tell

6789 Frederich Schiller: Don Carlos (1.022 MByte)

6790 Frederich Schiller: Demetrius

6791 Frederich Schiller: Mary Stuart

6792 Frederich Schiller: The Maid of Orleans

6793 Frederich Schiller: The Bride of Messina

6794 Frederich Schiller: Poems of The First Period

6795 Frederich Schiller: Poems of The Second Period

6796 Frederich Schiller: Poems of The Third Period (1.289 MByte)

6797 Frederich Schiller: Suppressed Poems

6798 Frederich Schiller: The Aesthetical Essays

6799 Frederich Schiller: The Philosophical Letters