Free Kindle Books PG Files 6901 - 7000

6901 Lydia Miller Middleton: The Happy Adventurers

6902 Ivan Turgenev (Tr.: Garnett): On the Eve

6903 Edward Bellamy: Miss Ludington's Sister

6906 Edward S. Ellis: The Lost Trail

6907 Austin Potter: From Wealth to Poverty

6908 H.L. Sayler: The Air Ship Boys

6909 Mary Hartwell Catherwood: Old Caravan Days

6910 Sarah Tytler: Queen Victoria V1

6911 William George Jordan: The Majesty of Calmness

6912 Carlotta C. Greer: School and Home Cooking

6914 Christopher Cranch: Last of the Huggermuggers

6916 H. D. Traill: English Men of Letters: Coleridge

6917 John Charles Dent: The Gerrard Street Mystery

6919 Thomas Henry Huxley: Darwiniana

6921 Marie Corelli: Temporal Power (1.277 MByte)

6922 L. Schipper: De Liereman

6924 William Shakespeare: Richard III

6926 Rose Hawthorne Lathrop: Memories of Hawthorne

6928 Washington Gladden: Who Wrote the Bible?

6929 John Milton, (Tr.: William Cowper): Poemata

6931 H. Stowe: Sunny Memories of Foreign Lands V2

6932 Dolores Bacon: Pictures Every Child Should Know (34.387 MByte)

6933 Francis Parkman: Jesuits in North America

6936 Mary Godolphin: Robinson Crusoe/One Syllable

6937 John W. Hales: A Biography of Edmund Spenser

6939 Sir Walter Scott: Old Mortality, Vol. 1 (1.693 MByte)

6940 Sir Walter Scott: Old Mortality, Vol. 2 (1.686 MByte)

6941 Sir Walter Scott: Old Mortality, Complete (3.143 MByte)

6942 Sir Walter Scott: The Heart of Mid-Lothian, Vol. 1 (2.031 MByte)

6943 Sir Walter Scott: The Heart of Mid-Lothian, Vol. 2 (2.104 MByte)

6944 Sir Walter Scott: The Heart of Mid-Lothian, Complete (3.894 MByte)

6945 Agatha Armour: Marguerite Verne

6949 A. White: Fiat Money Inflation in France

6950 L. Hope: The Bobbsey Twins at the Seashore

6952 Henty: By Pike and Dyke, Dutch Republic

6953 G. A. Henty: By England's Aid

6954 Mary J. Holmes: Aikenside

6955 P. G. Wodehouse: The Prince and Betty

6956 Charles G. D. Roberts: In Divers Tones

6957 T.F. Young: Canada and Other Poems

6958 Harry Castlemon: Frank on the Lower Mississippi

6959 Eugeen Edward Stroobant: Myne eerste vlerken

6960 James E. Seaver: Life of Mrs. Mary Jemison

6963 Elson, Book 4: Elson Grammer School Literature (1.071 MByte)

6964 Cicely Kent: Telling Fortunes By Tea Leaves

6965 J. M. Barrie: Alice Sit-By-The-Fire

6969 Lysias: The Orations of Lysias

6970 Jean Mace: The History of a Mouthful of Bread

6971 Israel Abrahams: Judaism

6972 M. A. Nicholl: Lays from the West

6975 William Shakespeare: Macbeth

6977 James R. McConnell: Flying for France

6978 S. T. Rorer: Made-Over Dishes

6979 Stephen Crane: The Little Regiment

6980 P. G. Wodehouse: Tales of St. Austin's

6981 Richard Jefferies: The Open Air

6982 Julian Hawthorne: Hawthorne and His Circle

6984 P. G. Wodehouse: The Pothunters

6985 P. G. Wodehouse: A Prefect's Uncle

6986 Joel Dorman Steele: Hygienic Physiology

6987 Margaret Sidney: Five Little Peppers Abroad

6988 Andrew J. Blackbird: Ottawa and Chippewa

6989 Robert F. Pennell: History of Rome from 476 AD (1.395 MByte)

6990 William Shakespeare: Coriolanus

6991 Eleanor H. Porter: Across the Years

6992 A. A. Milne: Belinda

6993 M. P. Shiel: The Lord of the Sea

6994 Victor Hugo: Han d'Islande

6995 J. Bangs: Ghosts I have Met and Some Others (1.243 MByte)

6996 William Shakespeare: Romeo und Julia

6997 Harold B Wrigh: Winning of Barbara Worth

6998 Edna A. Brown: The Spanish Chest

6999 C. E. Orr: How to Live a Holy Life