Free Kindle Books PG Files 7001 - 7100

7001 Antonio de Morga: History of the Philippines

7002 W. Irving: Life of George Washington, V1

7003 Sir Walter Scott: The Antiquary, Vol. 1 (1.798 MByte)

7004 Sir Walter Scott: The Antiquary, Vol. 2 (1.603 MByte)

7005 Sir Walter Scott: The Antiquary, Complete (3.145 MByte)

7006 G. A. Henty: Bonnie Prince Charlie

7007 Hans Christian Andersen: True Story of My Life

7008 Grace Livingston Hill: The City of Fire

7009 Poquelin (Moliere: Monsieur de Pourceaugnac

7010 Reed and Kellog: Graded Lessons in English

7011 Emile Zola: The Flood

7015 Shinran Shonin: Wisdom of the East

7017 Fay-Cooper Cole: A Study in Tinguian Folk-Lore

7018 Pappity Stampoy: Collection of Scotch Proverbs

7019 Ray Woodward: For Auld Lang Syne

7020 Lane Cooper: Louis Agassiz as a Teacher

7021 General Sir John Ayde: Indian Frontier Policy

7022 William Shakespeare: Ein Sommernachtstraum

7023 Sir Walter Scott,: Rob Roy, Vol. 1 (1.622 MByte)

7024 Sir Walter Scott: Rob Roy, Volume 2 (1.755 MByte)

7025 Sir Walter Scott: Rob Roy, Complete (3.121 MByte)

7026 S. B. Shaw: Children's Touching Incidents

7027 Effie M. Williams: A Hive of Busy Bees

7028 P. G. Wodehouse: The Clicking of Cuthbert

7029 Lillian Eichler: Book of Etiquette

7030 Richard Jefferies: Field and Hedgerow

7031 E. M. Hull: The Sheik

7033 James MacPherson Le Moine: Picturesque Quebec (1.654 MByte)

7034 Arthur Weir: Fleurs de lys and Other Poems

7035 Mable Hale: The Hero of Hill House

7036 I. C. Byrum: Poorhouse Waif

7037 G. A. Henty: Beric the Briton

7038 Susag: Personal Experiences of S. O. Susag

7039 Minnie L. Carpenter: The Angel Adjutant

7040 Eva Lecomte: Paula the Waldensian

7041 William Shakespeare: Wie es euch gefallt

7044 L. de Hegermann-Lindencrone: Courts of Memory

7045 Sherwood Anderson: Marching Men

7046 Harriet M. Whitcomb: Annals of Jamaica Plain

7047 Mary Grant Bruce: Back To Billabong

7048 Sherwood Anderson: Triumph of the Egg

7050 P. G. Wodehouse: The Swoop

7052 Edward Bellamy: Dr. Heidenhoff's Process

7054 Guizot De Witt: World's Histories, France V1 (1.141 MByte)

7055 Mary Webb: Gone to Earth

7056 Rose Hawthorne Lathrop: Along the Shore

7058 H. G. Wells: Mankind in the Making

7059 Jeffery Farnol: Peregrine's Progress

7060 G. A. Henty: At Agincourt

7061 G. A. Henty: A March on London

7062 Amelia Edith Barr: A Daughter of Fife

7063 May Agnes Fleming: A Terrible Secret

7064 F. Parkman: A Half-Century of Conflict V2

7065 Henry Lawson: Children of the Bush

7066 Cannon and O'Higgins: Under the Prophet in Utah

7067 Moliere (Poquelin: The Magnificent Lovers

7068 Adalbert Stifter: Das Haidedorf

7070 G. A. Henty: The Treasure of the Incas

7071 G. A. Henty: In Times of Peril

7072 Harry A. Franck: Tramping in Mexico

7073 Goldwin Smith: Specimens of Greek Tragedy

7075 Sarah Bernhardt: The Idol of Paris

7076 G. W. Foote: Prisoner for Blasphemy

7077 Rupert Hughes: We Can't Have Everything (1.211 MByte)

7078 Elias Lonnrot: Kanteletar (1.268 MByte)

7079 Alexandre Dumas: The Companions of Jehu (1.293 MByte)

7080 John Bright: Speeches on Public Policy, V1 (1.072 MByte)

7081 Margaret Penrose: Motor Girls on Cedar Lake

7082 William Godwin: Lives of the Necromancers

7083 W. D. Howells: Venetian Life

7084 Isabel Meredith: A Girl Among the Anarchists

7085 Nathaniel Hawthorne: Fanshawe

7086 Sarah Tytler: Queen Victoria V2

7087 D. P. Thompson: Gaut Gurley

7089 Daniel Defoe: The Consolidator

7090 Eva Stern: The Little Immigrant

7091 John Muir: The Yosemite

7095 Various Authors: Malayan Literature

7097 Black Hawk: Autobiography of Black Hawk

7099 Mary FitzGibbon: A Trip to Manitoba

7100 Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens): Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Part 1 (2.171 MByte)