Free Kindle Books PG Files 8301 - 8400

8375 Theodor Lipps: Der Streit Ueber Die Tragoedie

8376 Lafayette: Correspondence of Lafayette (1.068 MByte)

8378 Various: Selected Polish Tales

8380 Richard Harding Davis: Cuba in War Time

8382 Catherine Parr Traill: Canadian Crusoes

8383 Amelia B. Edwards: Monsieur Maurice

8385 Merwin and Webster: The Short Line War

8386 Carolyn Wells: Ptomaine Street

8387 Knut Hamsun: Hunger

8388 Walt Whitman: Poems By Walt Whitman

8392 H. H. Fick: Hin Und Her (2.573 MByte)

8393 Susanna Moodie: Life in the Backwoods

8395 E.J.M.D. Plunkett: The Gods of Pegana

8396 Alfred Ollivant: The Gentleman

8397 Maclaren: Expositions of Holy Scripture: Acts (1.484 MByte)

8398 Stewart Edward White: The Sign at Six

8400 Erasmus Roterodamus: Selections from Erasmus