Free Kindle Books PG Files 8601 - 8700

8601 Tennyson: Early Poems of Alfred Lord Tennyson

8602 Mrs. J. H. Riddell: The Uninhabited House

8603 Various: Notes & Queries, No. 1, 1849.11.03 (4.329 MByte)

8604 AEschylus: The House of Atreus

8605 George Willis Cooke: Unitarianism in America (1.023 MByte)

8606 Maurice Maeterlinck: The Blue Bird

8638 John Sherburne Sleeper: Jack in the Forecastle

8639 Robert Southey: Poems, 1799

8640 Various: The Mirror, 1828.07.05, Issue No. 321 (1.571 MByte)

8644 Stanley Waterloo: The Story of Ab (1.566 MByte)

8645 George William Curtis: Prue and I

8646 Adam Ferguson, L.L.D: History of Civil Society

8647 James Fenimore Cooper: Afloat And Ashore (1.198 MByte)

8648 Various: War Poetry of the South

8649 Rudyard Kipling: Indian Tales (1.048 MByte)

8650 E. Gaboriau: Monsieur Lecoq, Part 1, L'enquete

8651 G. A. Henty: With Moore At Corunna (2.309 MByte)

8653 Gudrun Thorne-Thomsen: East O' the Sun

8654 Bulwer; Brougham: Fallen Star/Origin of Evil

8660 Margaret Sanger: Woman and the New Race

8661 G. Mercer Adam: An Algonquin Maiden

8662 M. Vandercook: Camp Fire Girls at Sunrise Hill

8663 Alexander Kielland: Tales of Two Countries

8664 Susan Glaspell: The Glory Of The Conquered

8665 Charles Romyn Dake: A Strange Discovery

8666 Social Security Board: Security in Your Old Age

8667 H. Rider Haggard: Cetywayo and his White Neighbours

8668 Robert Barr: Revenge!

8669 J. L. Runeberg: Hanna

8670 G. A. Henty: In The Heart Of The Rockies

8671 Arlo Bates: The Pagans

8672 John Clare: Poems Chiefly From Manuscript

8673 Garrett P. Serviss: A Columbus of Space

8674 Charles Lever: Charles O'Malley, The Irish Dragoon, Volume 2 (of 2) (4.117 MByte)

8675 Edited by P. H. Emerson: Welsh Fairy-Tales

8676 Madame Sarah Grand: The Heavenly Twins (1.753 MByte)

8679 G. A. Henty: By England's Aid

8680 Bayard Taylor: The Story Of Kennett

8681 Robert Barr: The Face And The Mask

8682 C. J. Cornish: The Naturalist on the Thames (2.559 MByte)

8683 Joel Barlow: The Columbiad

8684 Cleveland Moffett: The Conquest of America

8685 Henry Hunt: Memoirs of Henry Hunt, Esq. Vol. 1

8686 Young E. Allison: The Delicious Vice

8690 Alexis de Tocqueville: American Institutions (1.326 MByte)

8691 Simeon E. Baldwin, LLD: The American Judiciary

8692 Alexandre Dumas: Le Capitaine Arena: Vol. 2

8693 Alexandre Dumas: Le Capitaine Arena: Vol. 1

8694 A. M. Barnard: The Abbot's Ghost

8696 Ivan Turgenev: The Jew And Other Stories

8697 Captain Ralph Bonehill: Guns And Snowshoes

8698 Cesario Verde: O Livro de Cesario Verde

8699 Unknown: Woman And Her Savior In Persia