Free Kindle Books PG Files 9001 - 9100

9043 Robert Bloomfield: May Day With The Muses

9044 Franz Grillparzer: Weh dem, der luegt

9045 Franz Grillparzer: Die Juedin von Toledo

9047 Robert Bloomfield: The Banks of Wye

9048 William Hayley: Ballads

9049 Franz Grillparzer: Libussa

9051 Michael Artzibashef: Sanine

9052 M. E. Braddon: The Golden Calf (1.032 MByte)

9054 William A. Alcott: The Young Woman's Guide

9057 George MacDonald: Unspoken Sermons

9059 Paul Heyse: Andrea Delfin

9062 Franz Grillparzer: Sappho

9063 J. S. Chase: Penance of Magdalena & Other Tales

9064 Paul Heyse: Gedichte

9065 Paul Heyse: Beatrice

9066 Paul Heyse: Der letzte Zentaur

9068 Sir Clements R. Markham: Apu Ollantay

9069 Louis Bertrand: Saint Augustin

9070 Moliere (Poquelin): The Imaginary Invalid

9071 John Denham Parsons: The Non-Christian Cross

9072 Boswell, ed. Birkbeck Hill: Life Of Johnson, V2 (1.418 MByte)

9073 Matilda Betham-Edwards: The Roof of France

9074 H. L. Havell: Stories From Thucydides

9075 Johanna Spyri: Rico And Wiseli (1.079 MByte)

9079 Frank Harris: The Man Shakespeare

9080 Henry W. Longfellow: Children's Own Longfellow

9081 Harriet Stark: The Bacillus of Beauty

9082 Juhani Aho: Muistatko

9083 Paul Heyse: Die Einsamen

9084 Paul Heyse: Ein Ring

9085 Paul Heyse: Das Maedchen von Treppi

9086 Paul Heyse: Die Witwe von Pisa

9087 Mrs. Humphry Ward: Eleanor

9088 W. A. Fraser: Thoroughbreds

9089 Edward J. Dent: Handel

9091 Isabella Alden: Ester Ried Yet Speaking

9092 Robert Bloomfield: The Farmer's Boy

9094 Robert Bloomfield: Wild Flowers

9096 George MacDonald: Weighed and Wanting (1.108 MByte)

9097 Henry M. Robert: Robert's Rules of Order

9098 John Wilson Ross: Tacitus and Bracciolini

9099 Paul Heyse: Der Weinhueter

9100 Sarah Bernhardt: My Double Life (1.048 MByte)