Free Kindle Books PG Files 9301 - 9400

9301 George MacDonald: Ranald Bannerman's Boyhood (7.486 MByte)

9302 Cletto Arrighi: Nana a Milano

9303 H.E. Butler: Post-Augustan Poetry

9304 Emile Faguet: Initiation into Philosophy

9305 Robert Barr: One Day's Courtship

9307 R. W. Wright: Life: Its True Genesis

9308 DeLancey M. Ellis: NY at Louisiana Purch. Expo

9310 Arthur Schnitzler: Casanova's Homecoming

9311 Anonymous: Hetty's Strange History

9312 Robert Barr: From Whose Bourne

9313 J. Peabody: Old Greek Folk Stories Told Anew

9314 Harold Bell Wright: The Calling Of Dan Matthews

9315 Ian Maclaren: A Doctor of the Old School, Part 1 (6.036 MByte)

9316 Ian Maclaren: A Doctor of the Old School, Part 2 (7.081 MByte)

9317 Ian Maclaren: A Doctor of the Old School, Part 3 (6.193 MByte)

9318 Ian Maclaren: A Doctor of the Old School, Part 4 (5.342 MByte)

9319 Ian Maclaren: A Doctor of the Old School, Part 5 (6.954 MByte)

9320 Ian Maclaren: A Doctor of the Old School, Complete (26.783 MByte)

9321 Maria Edgeworth: Tales And Novels, Vol. 8 (1.143 MByte)

9322 George Makepeace Towle: Nation in a Nutshell

9323 William H. Davies: Foliage: Various Poems

9324 Henry Seton Merriman: Roden's Corner

9325 Gotthold Ephraim Lessing: Der Freigeist

9326 Gotthold E. Lessing: Gespraeche fuer Freimaurer

9328 Maurice Joblin: Cleveland Past and Present (1.269 MByte)

9330 Ernest Seton-Thompson: Biography of a Grizzly

9332 Miss Brightwell: Georgie's Present

9333 E. T. Seton: Johnny Bear

9334 Addison and Steele: The Spectator, Vol. 1 of 3 (2.403 MByte)

9335 Christian F. Gellert: Fabeln und Erzaehlungen

9362 M.E. Braddon: Birds of Prey (1.022 MByte)

9364 M.E. Braddon: Birds of Prey (1.400 MByte)

9365 Lamb: Works Charles and Mary Lamb, V5, Letters (1.492 MByte)

9366 May Sinclair: Mary Olivier: A Life

9367 Alice Brown: Meadow Grass

9368 William Elliot Griffis: Welsh Fairy Tales

9369 Gotthold Ephraim Lessing: Der junge Gelehrte

9370 Alice Brown: Tiverton Tales

9371 Desiderius Erasmus: The Praise of Folly

9372 Henry Van Dyke: Songs Out of Doors

9373 Henry Drummond: Pax Vobiscum

9374 Amelia E. Barr: A Knight of the Nets

9375 Gotthold Ephraim Lessing: Ausgewaehlte Fabeln

9376 Stewart Edward White: The Forest (1.676 MByte)

9377 M. E. Braddon: London Pride

9378 Louis Joseph Vance: The Lone Wolf

9379 Robert Barr: A Woman Intervenes

9380 Collected by Carolyn Wells: Nonsense Anthology

9382 Mary D. Brine: Grandma's Memories (2.109 MByte)

9383 Johanna Spyri: Moni the Goat-Boy

9384 W. H. Leathem: The Comrade In White

9385 E. Nesbit: The Incomplete Amorist (1.601 MByte)

9386 J.R. Miller: Girls: Faults and Ideals

9387 Mrs Charles Gore: Theresa Marchmont

9388 Henry Van Dyke: The Red Flower

9390 M. Roberts: Fifteen Years With The Outcast

9393 George MacDonald: A Dish Of Orts

9394 James Legge: The Shih King

9397 Laura E. Richards: The Green Satin Gown

9399 W. W. Story: A Roman Lawyer in Jerusalem

9400 Dodsley: Old English Plays, Vol. II