Free Kindle Books' Richard Harding Davis PG E-Books:

Van Bibber and Others

Somewhere in France

With the Allies

The Congo and Coasts of Africa

The Deserter

The Exiles and Other Stories

Cinderella And Other Stories

Once Upon A Time

A Question of Latitude

The Spy

The Messengers

A Wasted Day

A Charmed Life

The Amateur

Peace Manoeuvres

The Boy Scout

Notes of a War Correspondent

The Princess Aline

Episodes in Van Bibber's Life

The Scarlet Car

Adventures and Letters of Richard Harding Davis

The Reporter Who Made Himself King

The King's Jackal

Cuba in War Time

Billy and the Big Stick

Captain Macklin

The Frame Up

Gallegher and Other Stories

In the Fog

The Log of the Jolly Polly

Lion and the Unicorn

The Lost House

The Lost Road

The Make-Believe Man

My Buried Treasure

Miss Civilization

The Man Who Could Not Lose

The Nature Faker

Ranson's Folly

The Red Cross Girl

Real Soldiers of Fortune

Soldiers of Fortune

The Consul

Vera, the Medium